If we have a service issue who do we need contact ETP?

No, for new service issues you can always contact the providers support line. If you need additional assistance, please send the issue and trouble ticket number support@EnterpriseTelecom.com  and we will escalate with the provider. You can also contact us directly and we will assist with opening any tickets or other support to resolve your issue.

Who will bill us for the services we order through ETP?

You will be billed by the providers directly. ETP is an agency not a reseller. As your agency we are an extension of your staff and provide assistance in all areas including service, billing issues, and credits. Our services are always free to clients unless there is a specific consulting arrangement established.

Why should we use an agency like Enterprise Telecom Partners instead of the providers in house sales people?

There are a lot of reasons to use our agency resources. These reasons include:

  1. The widest variety of options

    ETP is familiar with dozens of providers in the market, including many of niche offerings that may be key in providing the best outcome. These are often very hard for a business to find on their own considering all of the available choices. One of our key benefits is matching your businesses to the right services.

  1. A single point of contact

    It’s extremely rare for a company to receive all communications services from a single provider. Utilizing an Agency means they can select from all the services available, without creating a maze of conflicting support contacts. ETP acts a sole point of contact and handles all the details.

  1. Personalized strategy and solutions

    We take the time to work with you to and analyze future business plans before engaging any providers. We have telecom engineers that will design the ideal solution before you are locked into a single carrier’s solution.

  1. Ongoing Support

    We stay with you throughout the life of your service. Most in-house sales people are responsible for new accounts and will refer you to their customer service department for post installation support. Also in-house sales personnel tend to move from company to company or are assigned new duties which forces you to start over with a new representative. We are directly involved with our business so we are not going anywhere.