Once we receive your project we implement a variation of the following steps:

  • Design – Our account managers and engineers will design the best solution to accomplish customer objectives
  • Proposal – We work to determine several well qualified carriers or service providers and submit multiple quote requests.
  • Selection – Our team works closely with the customer to select the best set of of options to make deliver the services at a suitable cost.
  • Implementation – Depending on the size of the project we will assign an account manager up to complex provisioning team to work with the suppliers to make sure the project is implemented in a reasonable time and has the minimum possible impact on our clients time and operations. We provide status updates using custom designed cloud based smart spreadsheets that minimize repetitive email chains.
  • Support and Monitoring – Once again depending on the size of the project we will implement circuit monitoring and provide trouble ticket escalation. We will make SLA credit requests and monitor the billing to ensure the customer is receiving optimum value. Our service can include free real time monitoring and reporting to help ensure up time and SLA compliance.